Outdura® fabric should be cleaned regularly to prevent excessive dirt from accumulating. Simply brush off any loose dirt and rinse with lukewarm water.
To clean, use a solution of lukewarm water (not exceeding 100° F) and a mild natural soap such as Lux™ or Ivory™. Rinse thoroughly to remove excess soap.
For light cleaning, avoid the use of detergents.

Normal wear, usage and cleaning will reduce the effectiveness of Outdura‘s water-repellent finish. If water repellency is important, a water-repellency treatment (available at marine and awning stores) should be used if the fabric has been cleaned or if the fabric is constantly exposed to the elements.

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spray water

Stain Removal

The stain removal chart is for Outdura casual furniture fabric, marine fabric and awning fabric. It is not intended to be a guide for cleaning Outdura Trio.

For Trio Cleaning Please Use These Guidelines

Please keep the fabric clean by simply brushing off any loose dirt and rinse with lukewarm water. Please follow the general cleaning recommendations on the previous page for most dirt and stains. For heavier stains and soiling, a mixture of 2 oz of detergent and a gallon of water can be used. Brush the stain or dirt briskly using a soft bristle brush and rinse the area thoughly of all residual detergent. Under no circumstances should acetone, paint remover, turpentine, alcohol or any solvent be used in cleaning Trio.