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Biogas & liquid manure

Storage systems for biogas, liquid manure and fermentation residues are traditional fields of activity of SATTLER and CENO. You may rely on our experience and expertise.

SATTLER - Double membrane gas storage tank
In 1981 SATTLER invented the double membrane gas storage tank for the storage of manure gas from the operation of sewage plants. Since then, this storage concept has proven itself over decades, it has been improved further and has finally become an integral part of modern sewage plant concepts.

CENO tower silo roofs and CENO ground basins
Inspired by textile architecture, CENO developed tower-supported coverings for liquid manure tanks many years ago. These were the basis of what later became the CENO biogas roof with gas storage function.
Also decades ago, CENO developed the CENO ground basin with double-layer structure and leakage detection - another field where CENO acted as a pioneer in establishing the ground basin as a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly means of storage of liquid manure and, recently, also of fermentation residues from biogas plants.

SATTLER / CENO biogas storage systems today
Today, we can offer a vast product program of biogas storage systems - providing suitable solutions for each plant concept and requirement.
Our product development follows the requirements of the entire biogas process. As a system supplier we assist the plant construction firm in developing and optimising their plant concepts.

As a leading supplier of biogas storage systems, we represent the longest value chain within our own company.
Our weaving and coating facilities assure best quality in the supply of the basic material - PVC-coated polyester fabrics.
Production in two plants in Austria and Germany provides extensive manufacturing capacity for short delivery periods as well as high quality.
Our assembly, panning and project processing assures constant quality from the production process through to start-up while enabling a high degree of customer orientation.
Our own R&D efforts ensure that we can offer optimal storage concepts for each plant concept to plant construction firms.


  • Biogas storage systems for each plant concept
  • Coverings for each tank size

Manure and fermentation residues

  • Ground basin
  • Emissions protection roofs
  • Tank sanitation
  • Sheeting
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