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Biogas storage systems

Biogas storage – indispensable component for efficient biogas plants

Biogas storage compensate fluctuations in the production and consumption of biogas as well as temperature-related changes in volume.
The correct selection and dimensioning of the biogas storage system make a substantial contribution to the efficiency and safety of the biogas plant. Suitable biogas storage assures the supply with gas, reduces gas losses while contributing to the plant's safety and reliability.

Internal biogas storage tanks are integrated into the fermenters. In most cases they also assume the function as tank covering.

External biogas storage tanks are separated from the fermenter forming autonomous components of a biogas plant.

In the case of biogas plants with several tanks, optimal result is often obtained through a combination of coverings with integrated biogas storage and one-layer, gas-proof coverings without gas storage.

Decisive criteria for the selection and dimensioning of the biogas storage systems are the following:

  • Working pressure
  • Storage volume 
  • External loads 
  • Number of tanks and tank size

Our storage and covering systems provide the appropriate solution for each plant concept.

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