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Textile Architecture

For more than three decades CENO TEC classes among the leading companies in the textile architecture sector realising ambitious membrane structures around the world.

Architecture membranes made of high-strength, coated polyester or glass fabrics and ETFE foils are ideal building materials when it comes to the realisation of highly stress-resistant and at the same time filigree roof and facade structures in connection with bearing structures consisting of steel and steel ropes.

CENO membranes signify individually designed and light rooms, bathed in light.

In close cooperation with renowned architecture firms and engineering offices CENO TEC allows for the complete implementation of highly complicated projects:

The timely involvement of CENO engineers in the planning contributes to cost-effective solutions. CENO TEC offer complete service starting from the upper edge of the foundation. Upon request, verifiable statics, shop planning, prefabrication of membranes and of the bearing structure (e.g. steel and ropes) as well as the complete assembly are part of the scope of services.

CENO membranes comply with all applicable building standards. Planning and execution take place on the basis of the state-specific guidelines and design loads.

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